Trailer music With cutting edge Cinematic effects is a trailer music library that provides Music For Distinct Need At The Best Budget Worldwide. We provide to Music supervisors Music With cutting edge Cinematic Effects such as Boomers, Distortions, Downers, Impacts Mega-Horns, Risers, Transforming Sounds, Whooshes and more

Your freedom – Epicness with passion and strenght

Step into an extraordinary epic world, explore endless imaginary places, and discover horizonless dimensions. 20 captivating new orchestral themes ascend on an epic journey through emotional and uplifting heroic anthems


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Album review PREMONITION

When creating the perfect atmosphere for your world to truly come alive for your viewers, you need tracks that are realistic to the world you have created.  Part of what makes these worlds unique and fresh is the idea of matching music to the scene.  You want music that will allow the reader to connect with the scene on multiple levels, and soundtracks – especially those as diverse and powerful as Premonition – are great for that.

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Album review HASHAMAYIM

Composing the perfect backing track album to whatever creation that you are trying to set up for your futuristic scenes and moments, you need to see how all of these songs work together and separately in order to really appreciate all that they do for a moment and the emotional response that it elicits.  Check out how five stellar tracks will build the moment up again and again.

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