Future Trailer music is a music library for motion picture and entertainment advertising.

It was founded in 2017 by Composer Dan Foster who has written music for a wide variety of feature films, video games and corporate projects and is today an international collaboration between composers based all over the world.

FTM music production team is working primarily in the field of motion picture advertising. We create custom music for Trailers, Teasers, TV advertising and Video Game Trailers.

What sets Futuretrailermusic.com apart from other music libraries is that every track is carefully handpicked, and often exclusively created for this website. We don’t list the names of composers for each track because we believe that the unique quality of the music will speak for itself.

We offer high-impact compositions and high-end productions that capture the emotive cinematic sound that brings motion pictures to life. Our music is specifically designed for the unique needs of movie trailers, television commercials and video game trailers.

Future Trailer music is a team of talented composers and sound designers who’s only goal is to get you the piece of music to serve your project! Our Compositions feature bombastic brass blasts, driving strings, massive drums, wooshes, reverse rises and more.

Add high impact to your next project with these cutting edge music and bring your motion picture to life.