Album review Hashamayim

Composing the perfect backing track album to whatever creation that you are trying to set up for your futuristic scenes and moments, you need to see how all of these songs work together and separately in order to really appreciate all that they do for a moment and the emotional response that it elicits.  Check out how five stellar tracks will build the moment up again and again.


Born Again is a great one to start our adventure with.  It shows the perfect blend of confusion, tense moments, a steady beat, and all of the emotions that go along with the idea of going out on an adventure and trying new things.  It speaks to feelings of courage and bravery and is all about embracing whatever is in your path and making it work.  a strong feeling of support or allegiance  makes this piece a truly unique and powerful one.


Cosmic Dust is totally different; it is more gentle and speaks to the intense moments where you can really push the space theme or the technology-based futuristic moments.  It is all about being in the moment and really propelling the tense and focused theme forward so that each person can feel the well-received tension of the moment and use it to build on itself and create an ideal scene for the listener, whether they’re aware of it or not.  Ethereal, Haunting, and Tense this piece has it all.


Final Millenium introduces a dark full tone to the work that you are putting to the scene. It features some modern synth arpeggios and Big mega horns.  It’s all about breaking through the levels before and getting to this point where you are ready to take on the challenges waiting for you so that you can see just how it is all going to work and turn out for the character.  This piece expresses anticipation and suspense, the perfect fit for dramatic, tense scenes.

A slowly building introduction leads to tense pulsing bass, synths, strings, heavy percussions, and dark electric guitar that create a mood of tension.

It creates tension and stress in the listener, something you can work with.


Finding Light is a sweet little interlude that is great for putting forward the space themes and embracing the gentle quiet and peace that go along with them.  Marked by classical elements and modern synths, It offers a fresh look into how the world will simply pass us by.  Great for those moments where you want to use a soft melody, but still keep enough of a small percussive beat in there that will allow you to build the moment up and enjoy it as you should.  It’s fresh and fun.


Ezekiel is a fantastic creation that perfectly blends together the hardest parts of music that are out there: traditional sounds with futuristic tones and additives.  This song does it well, though, offering a human look into the futuristic world and eliciting a firm human touch in this scene.  Makes a great backing track to those emotional moments where the character has the ability to connect with those thoughts and feelings and really share them with the listener, making your track and scene exceptionally strong and full of power, conviction and trust so that you can build it up entirely as you want to.


Being in control of your own thoughts and emotions really shows you the way into someone’s head, which can be accomplished with these melodies to help you push your way forward into a world of opportunity.