Album review Premonition

When creating the perfect atmosphere for your world to truly come alive for your viewers, you need tracks that are realistic to the world you have created.  Part of what makes these worlds unique and fresh is the idea of matching music to the scene.  You want music that will allow the reader to connect with the scene on multiple levels, and soundtracks – especially those as diverse and powerful as Premonition – are great for that.

Ghost from Hell is a great piece to introduce you to the world of dramatic music.  It’s got a powerful drum beat that will get your heart racing.  The speed picks up with a melodic interlude and added percussion with digital vocal elements that really offer a rich experience as the song grows.  Great for those scenes that need something edgy and varying in pace for the right kind of mood overall.  If offers a little bit of something for the fussy ear, too.

Furious, unique from the last one, creates a great background track for those tense scenes and moments where you need something rich with emotion and stress.  Makes a great backing track for those battle moments or when you need to build an epic moment to a higher level.  It can bring the entire level of the listener up several notches so that the mood and tension are both heightened in the heat of the moment.  It conveys a great look into the world of chaotic music and what it can bring into a scene when it is used correctly.

Obsession creates another mood for the listener, one that is much darker and multi-level.  It’s a rich song with equal parts doom and melody playing back and forth in a form that is going to build up a tense mood with the listener, great for tense scenes, especially those ones dealing with the antagonist.  This is a truly powerful song that perfectly walks the delicate line between intense and demonic, making it a powerful option for those oppourtunties that just call for it.  You can really get into the strong message that this one is trying to offer.  It can make a tense scene that much better, and will use its dark beat and feel to drive a scene to the next level, much to your enjoyment when it is done correctly.

The Book of Revelation is a fresh look into the world of redemption that is just tinged with a darker thread.  A great “adventure” track, this makes for an excellent introduction to tension and stress while the character deals with finding his or her way through to the happier times that are waiting on the other side.  A great option for a deep character on the go.

Teshuva is a rich song that uses fluid movements and orchestral tones in combination a peppy and bouncing rhythm that speaks to the audience in a frantic and excited way.  Starting with some deep expressive string chords and a light duduk phrase, it builds with a strong pizzicato theme to a full orchestral arrangement including woodwinds and horns. The Listener is able to bounce along from point to point with the scene and enjoy it all with this as its original soundtrack piece. The extraordinary solo violin in the middle is captures the natural bowing and expressions we would listen a hundred times.

Each song is a unique journey, introducing you to a world where you can direct the feelings and thoughts to come forward as they need to in order to create the right emotion.

(Note: The Album review is based on listening experience alone and not on how the music works to picture.)

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