Future Trailer Music library is born

Futuretrailermusic.com Launch


We’re proud to announce the launching of Future Trailer Music Library, our premiere music production collective. Our team of the brightest and best in the digital music industry have created a music library that will make it possible for our client’s to tap into the most energetic, engaging music for their projects. We specialize in exciting, high impact, epic level music, suited to fit several categories including films, theatrical trailers, TV commercials, corporate projects and video games.

Movie Trailers

Choosing the music for your movie trailer is one of the most important factors when it comes to your audience’s overall perception. The wrong music will leave your audience feeling uninspired and disengaged and clash with the genuine nature of the film. Our professionally developed, high impact compositions and exceptional productions will deliver the emotive cinematic sound that your film needs to draw in and captivate your audience.

Experience You Can Count On

Future Trailer Music was founded by seasoned composer Dan Foster, who has years of experience writing music for a wide range of feature films, the video gaming industry and television commercial and corporate projects. Currently he is involved in an international collaboration between accomplished composers from all over the world. Our compositions feature hard core brass blasts, poignant strings, intense drums, orchestral pieces, reverse rises, hip hop rhythms and much more. The music we provide has an almost magical effect on people, having the ability to make them feel terrified, happy, sad, reaching in and touching your soul; all things that dialogue alone can’t do.

Television and Corporate Projects

When it comes to television or corporate projects, the music used has to flow with and correspond to the visual elements in order to make it cohesive, and communicate your message successfully. The music needs to elicit an emotional reaction from your viewers, whether it’s humor, reverence, awe, that “gotta see” it or “have it” response, speaking to your audience’s interests.  That’s exactly what our music elicits.

Video Gaming

In the video gaming world, besides the visuals, music is undoubtedly the best way to establish the mood and tone of the game. It penetrates into our minds and thrills our senses. The quality and style of the music in video games is critical to the success of the game and while it might only play on the subconscious of the user, its effects are astonishing. If you’ve ever played a video game with the sound off you know exactly what we mean. Scenes that require deception and stealth lose their perception of the fear and high tension of getting caught around the next corner. Battle situations feel boring and repetitive and shooting guns, setting off bombs, etc., lose the feeling of control and power.  At this point the game actually starts to lose its attraction and any interest to play. If you want your video game production to rock, our highly skilled composers will ensure that it does.


The composers that are part of the Future trailer music Launch specialize in creating distinctive production music that will ensure that your project successfully triggers the emotional responses you’re looking for, using the power of professionally composed music to navigate your audience for maximum media impact.

Call us today and let us work with you on your next venture. Our cutting edge music bring your project to life.

Visit our site http://www.futuretrailermusic.com

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  1. Stephen
    Stephen says:

    I can assure you of one thing: the music developed and composed by Dan Foster and his repertoire of some of the most talented ensemble of well-crafted musicians anywhere, is incomparable! His notes mirror the melody of whichever particular theme you wish for: that particular song will convey to anyone what you want to hear! It is truly remarkable, and a gift to those who seek for any type of music to accompany their movie, advertisement, video clip … whatever!

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