Full Orchestral pieces with Thunderous drums, epic choir, Stacatto strings, brass, very traileresque.  powerful orchestrations Perfect for epic Hollywood-style movie trailers or intense action scenes.

Deep emotional pieces with a 3d scenery with an epic theme. A bright journey into Fantasy, mystery and adventure. supreme inspirational attainment, magical panascopic wide screen. Director’s cut- supreme inspirational attainment, Epic,confident, positive, romance, adventure, fantasy, documentary films, magical panascopic wide screen.


8th wonder

We were slaves

We were slaves (without vocal)

The beauty of life


Supralights (without drums)

Strong and resolute


Second chance

Season of change

Preparing for battle

Preparing for battle (without drums)

Moment to shine

Justice mission

Inner beauty

Inner beauty (without vocal)

Hidden tears

Hidden tears (without vocal)

Heavenly lights


Halleluyah (with vocal)

Forgiving 2

Epic motivation (vocal)

Epic emotion

Deep regret

Armies of God