Artist: Dan Foster
Genre: Epic Hybrid Orchestral

“PREMONITION” is a collection of Powerful epic hybrid orchestral
and grimy sound design tracks filled with skittering arpegios, heavy guitar distortions, Industrial Beats, Deep emotions, epic brass arrangements, and thundering impacts. Pulsating Hybrid Textures with Menacing yet sparse atmospheric and ambient piano opening building into and Apocalyptic, Massive and percussive breakdown.

A premium choice for Film, TV, Commercials, Documentaries, Games, Sound Design, Film Trailers. All tracks available without drums.

Always faithfull

Colossal clash



Ghost from hell

Illegitimate power

Imminent danger




The Beast

The book of revelation

The lost city

with illegitimate Power, he sets his sights on the current craze of modern dubstep. An excellent example is the track “Furious,” which begins with a slicing electro sound design that immediately brings to mind the live action Ghost in a Shell  films, marching slowly like an iron giant robot on the rampage.

The echoes of a Middle Easternesque theme that run through “The beast” amid the hauting arpeggios and the power chords guitars distortions, hard-hitting percussive breaks, and synths that bring to mind any good sci-fi cyber thriller/action movie.