Artist: Dan Foster
Genre: Cinematic ambient

“ROAD TO RESILIENCE” is a collection of Ambient and Cinematic Soundscapes.

A premium choice for Film, TV, Commercials, Documentaries, Games, Sound Design, Film Trailers.

It includes cinematic sound design, piano, pads, synths and orchestral elements.
Some amazing textures that will take you to new heights. Inspired by soundtracks and composers like Thomas Newman, Michael Brook, Hans Zimmer, Cliff Martinez and many others!

Whether your needing some pristine ambient piano parts to add life to your trailer film, a lush soundscape to add just the right mood to your project “ Road to resilience” gives you freedom to create instant mood, atmospheres and dramatic textures in seconds.

Ad Olam

Gravity of hope (vocal version)

I have been rebuilt



Life we chose

Relentless struggle

Road to resilience


Time of your life

Traces of gravity

Unexpected view

Gravity of Hope

Let the Ambient and Cinematic power of “Road to resilience”
spark your creative flames and inject your film with the raw emotion of today’s hottest Ambient and Cinematic Soundscapes.