The power of trailer music

Trailer music; usually when you put trailer before something you imagine something just a little bit different; trailer park, trailer hitch, trailer park boys etc. and if we follow that line of thinking you’d be expecting banjos, a guitar and bucket being hit with a spoon. Well trailer music is something just a *tad* different, and in some cases, much, much different.

Most people imagine that when you are watching a movie trailer, TV show trailer or concert trailer you are hearing music from the actual production itself, but that is often not the case.
The majority of the time you are actually listening to music composed by someone completely apart from the production, and in some cases, music that had been composed prior to the trailer even being started called trailer music. Shocking right?
It fits so well! Well that’s because the composers produce this trailer music to fit a wide variety of different themes and styles to make it as versatile as possible.

Once you delve a little deeper into trailer music, you start to understand why it is becoming more and more popular. Because of its production quality and ease of use, these pieces are plug and play when you need a quick teaser trailer, or even a full-length trailer, making them a quick and easy alternative to custom music. But why don’t these multi-million dollar companies just commission original work for these trailers? Because it takes a special mind and way of thinking to compose these 2 minute on average, fully developing and complete pieces.
John Beal, a composer of over 2,000 different trailer music pieces, says that it « is something a lot of composers, including guys who are way better than I am … just can’t do” because of the difficulty in writing something that “develops so fully and extremely in two minutes » (The Guardian, 2011).

So yes it is a difficult thing to create on a whim, but who uses this pre-written trailer music and where do they find it? Well savvy reader, producers from all walks use it in lots of different circumstances like film trailers, TV promos and commercials or even in the shows themselves. Sports productions use trailer music for highlight reels, as do video games and more. They usually contact the people who run what’s called “trailer libraries” or the composers themselves.
These “trailer libraries” usually having a vast array of music to pick and choose from and they will license it out to be used by whoever is producing the trailer for various purposes, for a fee of course.
If you take a look at some of the huge libraries out there you will find things like action music, Brazilian beach, romance, adventure, sci-fi trailer music and more, all linking you to a multitude of music, each that can fit a variety of situations and trailers and all available for license. Pretty cool stuff if you ask me!
So in essence, trailer music is a versatile, vast, expanding business that produces music for motion picture advertising music production collective, specializing in original epic music and powerful sound design for theatrical trailers, television commercials and video game advertising campaigns.
The music is very adaptable, readily available and easy to use for all kinds of productions.
What more could you ask for?

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