ROAD TO RESILIENCE a collection of Ambient and Cinematic tracks

Artist: Dan Foster
Genre: Cinematic ambient

“ROAD TO RESILIENCE” is a collection of Ambient and Cinematic Soundscapes.

A premium choice for Film, TV, Commercials, Documentaries, Games, Sound Design, Film Trailers.

It includes cinematic sound design, piano, pads, synths and orchestral elements.
Some amazing textures that will take you to new heights. Inspired by soundtracks and composers like Thomas Newman, Michael Brook, Hans Zimmer, Cliff Martinez and many others!

Whether your needing some pristine ambient piano parts to add life to your trailer film, a lush soundscape to add just the right mood to your project “ Road to resilience” gives you freedom to create instant mood, atmospheres and dramatic textures in seconds.

8 Most Favorite Film Scores Of All Time

How do you possibly choose the 8 most favorite film scores of all time? Music is very subjective and everyone has their own favorite lists. This was evident when researching to find that special group of favorites. So, the decision was made to review four separate online rankings of films scores and then pull the scores that appeared the most out of the rankings. Then we factored in the average placement of the scores. The result is a list eight gems that are classic and timeless. Even if you’ve never seen the movies, no doubt you’ve heard the scores.

1. Star Wars (1977)—John Williams. The first of two scores that made the cut on all four rankings, the rousing arrangements took you to that place far, far away. Composed by one of the most prolific composers of all time, John Williams, you know that any movie he works on will be pure gold.

2. The Pink Panther (1964)—Henry Mancini. The second of the two scores to make the cut on all four rankings. Sexy, jazzy, and playful, this score was a top 10 hit on the Billboard charts.

3. The Godfather (1972)—Nino Rota. Melancholy, with underlying tones of intensity and pure Italian to the core, Rota brought the essence of Mafia mob life into the veins of this score.

4. The Lord of the Rings (2001)—Howard Shore. Gravitating to the days of elves, dwarves, wizards and of course hobbits, the music is as epic as the trilogy.

5. E.T. (The Extra-Terrestrial) (1982)—John Williams. Composed by John Williams. No need to say anything more. But seriously, the music soared in this delightful and feel good movie.

6. Psycho (1960)—Bernard Herrmann. Incorporating an edgy string section as the backdrop, you can’t mentally picture the shower scene in this movie without hearing those shrieking violins in your head too. Once heard, you will never forget.

7. James Bond 007 Theme (1963)—composer John Barry. Big band meets surf rock. The music captured the laid-back debonair super agent’s personality to a tee.

8. The Magnificent Seven (1960)—composer Elmer Bernstein. Great western feel, with the horn section dueling in a showdown with the string section, coming together in perfect harmony.

Honorable mention—Requiem for A Dream (2000)—Clint Mansell. This score just missed the list by that much. But its haunting, deceptively simple melodic voice captured the inevitable tragic ending of the movie’s characters to a fault.

And there you have it, the latest and greatest ranking of the 8 most favorite scores of all time. But this is by no means the final ranking. As long as movies are being made, there will be scores to create. Talented composers are coming up the ranks to make their mark and perhaps become a part of the elite film score composers in cinema history. One such talent is John Jesensky.
John Jesensky is a composer/conductor whose current credits include scores from Twinkies and Donuts and Loveseat to name a few. John received a Bachelor’s of Music in Composition from the Hartt School of Music and a Masters of Music degree from NYU. He has won many prestigious awards including the Elmer Bernstein Award for Film Composition and the Skirball Film Scoring Competition.
John is also the engraver for CineConcerts, where he creates restored film scores for live orchestra performances.

Album review Hashamayim

Composing the perfect backing track album to whatever creation that you are trying to set up for your futuristic scenes and moments, you need to see how all of these songs work together and separately in order to really appreciate all that they do for a moment and the emotional response that it elicits.  Check out how five stellar tracks will build the moment up again and again.


Born Again is a great one to start our adventure with.  It shows the perfect blend of confusion, tense moments, a steady beat, and all of the emotions that go along with the idea of going out on an adventure and trying new things.  It speaks to feelings of courage and bravery and is all about embracing whatever is in your path and making it work.  a strong feeling of support or allegiance  makes this piece a truly unique and powerful one.


Cosmic Dust is totally different; it is more gentle and speaks to the intense moments where you can really push the space theme or the technology-based futuristic moments.  It is all about being in the moment and really propelling the tense and focused theme forward so that each person can feel the well-received tension of the moment and use it to build on itself and create an ideal scene for the listener, whether they’re aware of it or not.  Ethereal, Haunting, and Tense this piece has it all.


Final Millenium introduces a dark full tone to the work that you are putting to the scene. It features some modern synth arpeggios and Big mega horns.  It’s all about breaking through the levels before and getting to this point where you are ready to take on the challenges waiting for you so that you can see just how it is all going to work and turn out for the character.  This piece expresses anticipation and suspense, the perfect fit for dramatic, tense scenes.

A slowly building introduction leads to tense pulsing bass, synths, strings, heavy percussions, and dark electric guitar that create a mood of tension.

It creates tension and stress in the listener, something you can work with.


Finding Light is a sweet little interlude that is great for putting forward the space themes and embracing the gentle quiet and peace that go along with them.  Marked by classical elements and modern synths, It offers a fresh look into how the world will simply pass us by.  Great for those moments where you want to use a soft melody, but still keep enough of a small percussive beat in there that will allow you to build the moment up and enjoy it as you should.  It’s fresh and fun.


Ezekiel is a fantastic creation that perfectly blends together the hardest parts of music that are out there: traditional sounds with futuristic tones and additives.  This song does it well, though, offering a human look into the futuristic world and eliciting a firm human touch in this scene.  Makes a great backing track to those emotional moments where the character has the ability to connect with those thoughts and feelings and really share them with the listener, making your track and scene exceptionally strong and full of power, conviction and trust so that you can build it up entirely as you want to.


Being in control of your own thoughts and emotions really shows you the way into someone’s head, which can be accomplished with these melodies to help you push your way forward into a world of opportunity.

Album review Premonition

When creating the perfect atmosphere for your world to truly come alive for your viewers, you need tracks that are realistic to the world you have created.  Part of what makes these worlds unique and fresh is the idea of matching music to the scene.  You want music that will allow the reader to connect with the scene on multiple levels, and soundtracks – especially those as diverse and powerful as Premonition – are great for that.

Ghost from Hell is a great piece to introduce you to the world of dramatic music.  It’s got a powerful drum beat that will get your heart racing.  The speed picks up with a melodic interlude and added percussion with digital vocal elements that really offer a rich experience as the song grows.  Great for those scenes that need something edgy and varying in pace for the right kind of mood overall.  If offers a little bit of something for the fussy ear, too.

Furious, unique from the last one, creates a great background track for those tense scenes and moments where you need something rich with emotion and stress.  Makes a great backing track for those battle moments or when you need to build an epic moment to a higher level.  It can bring the entire level of the listener up several notches so that the mood and tension are both heightened in the heat of the moment.  It conveys a great look into the world of chaotic music and what it can bring into a scene when it is used correctly.

Obsession creates another mood for the listener, one that is much darker and multi-level.  It’s a rich song with equal parts doom and melody playing back and forth in a form that is going to build up a tense mood with the listener, great for tense scenes, especially those ones dealing with the antagonist.  This is a truly powerful song that perfectly walks the delicate line between intense and demonic, making it a powerful option for those oppourtunties that just call for it.  You can really get into the strong message that this one is trying to offer.  It can make a tense scene that much better, and will use its dark beat and feel to drive a scene to the next level, much to your enjoyment when it is done correctly.

The Book of Revelation is a fresh look into the world of redemption that is just tinged with a darker thread.  A great “adventure” track, this makes for an excellent introduction to tension and stress while the character deals with finding his or her way through to the happier times that are waiting on the other side.  A great option for a deep character on the go.

Teshuva is a rich song that uses fluid movements and orchestral tones in combination a peppy and bouncing rhythm that speaks to the audience in a frantic and excited way.  Starting with some deep expressive string chords and a light duduk phrase, it builds with a strong pizzicato theme to a full orchestral arrangement including woodwinds and horns. The Listener is able to bounce along from point to point with the scene and enjoy it all with this as its original soundtrack piece. The extraordinary solo violin in the middle is captures the natural bowing and expressions we would listen a hundred times.

Each song is a unique journey, introducing you to a world where you can direct the feelings and thoughts to come forward as they need to in order to create the right emotion.

(Note: The Album review is based on listening experience alone and not on how the music works to picture.)

Future Trailer Music library is born Launch


We’re proud to announce the launching of Future Trailer Music Library, our premiere music production collective. Our team of the brightest and best in the digital music industry have created a music library that will make it possible for our client’s to tap into the most energetic, engaging music for their projects. We specialize in exciting, high impact, epic level music, suited to fit several categories including films, theatrical trailers, TV commercials, corporate projects and video games.

Movie Trailers

Choosing the music for your movie trailer is one of the most important factors when it comes to your audience’s overall perception. The wrong music will leave your audience feeling uninspired and disengaged and clash with the genuine nature of the film. Our professionally developed, high impact compositions and exceptional productions will deliver the emotive cinematic sound that your film needs to draw in and captivate your audience.

Experience You Can Count On

Future Trailer Music was founded by seasoned composer Dan Foster, who has years of experience writing music for a wide range of feature films, the video gaming industry and television commercial and corporate projects. Currently he is involved in an international collaboration between accomplished composers from all over the world. Our compositions feature hard core brass blasts, poignant strings, intense drums, orchestral pieces, reverse rises, hip hop rhythms and much more. The music we provide has an almost magical effect on people, having the ability to make them feel terrified, happy, sad, reaching in and touching your soul; all things that dialogue alone can’t do.

Television and Corporate Projects

When it comes to television or corporate projects, the music used has to flow with and correspond to the visual elements in order to make it cohesive, and communicate your message successfully. The music needs to elicit an emotional reaction from your viewers, whether it’s humor, reverence, awe, that “gotta see” it or “have it” response, speaking to your audience’s interests.  That’s exactly what our music elicits.

Video Gaming

In the video gaming world, besides the visuals, music is undoubtedly the best way to establish the mood and tone of the game. It penetrates into our minds and thrills our senses. The quality and style of the music in video games is critical to the success of the game and while it might only play on the subconscious of the user, its effects are astonishing. If you’ve ever played a video game with the sound off you know exactly what we mean. Scenes that require deception and stealth lose their perception of the fear and high tension of getting caught around the next corner. Battle situations feel boring and repetitive and shooting guns, setting off bombs, etc., lose the feeling of control and power.  At this point the game actually starts to lose its attraction and any interest to play. If you want your video game production to rock, our highly skilled composers will ensure that it does.


The composers that are part of the Future trailer music Launch specialize in creating distinctive production music that will ensure that your project successfully triggers the emotional responses you’re looking for, using the power of professionally composed music to navigate your audience for maximum media impact.

Call us today and let us work with you on your next venture. Our cutting edge music bring your project to life.

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SPIRIT LEGION an impressive and awe inspiring sound experience

Let’s face it – a movie is only as good as its music. While that may sound a little it over the top, have you ever watched a movie trailer, played a video game or caught a commercial where the music wasn’t up to par with the message? It doesn’t happen very often, but when it does, the effects are confusing and anything but successful. Rewarding gaming action, hard hitting emotion filled movies feature that epic background music that accents gameplay and the “apocalyptic” action taking place on screen. The right compositions will make the viewer experience the urgency and emotion of the visual content, whether the emotions are pure joy, sadness, fear, anger, or excitement. Without it, the project, be it a commercial, video game or movie trailer, can’t be compelling profitable.

SPIRIT LEGION by composer Dan Foster is an original trailer music that will make any advertising it’s used for stand out. It presents an impressive and awe inspiring sound experience, perfect for theatrical trailers, video game advertising campaigns and television commercials that want to leave a positive, lasting, first impression. As you listen, you can imagine yourself battling to the end, rising from the ashes like a magnificent Phoenix having saved the planet. Yes – it’s just that good.

Basically, although there’s nothing “basic” about SPIRIT LEGION and its tracks, what the consumers receives is an album that’s filled with flawlessly laid out tracks of hard driving music that pulls in the listener, washing over them with the sounds of perfectly orchestrated strings, powerful drums, angelic voices and more. All of the above fills the heart with expectancy and a sense of something surreal coming up next whether it’s a climactic chase scene, the battle for world domination or the point in the game or movie where the hero wins and heads out to take on his or her new challenge.

One of our favorites for trailers is “A Mounrful Chant”, presenting a mystical, ethereal experience, thanks to the combination of rich sounds and angelic like voices that drift in.

Another is “Navy Seal’s and as you listen you can picture brave soldier’s heading off to fight and win battles on some far away shore.

We also appreciate the exceptional and moving piano performance in “The Triumph of Light” with the strings and other instruments that effortlessly join in.

“Rebel Forces” is another one of those pieces that causes the listener to envision the battle of good against evil.

Each piece included in the SPIRIT LEGION set has something unique and special to offer that will making any production you’re developing stand out.

SPIRIT LEGION is an album that we would highly recommend for people who are either beginners or seasoned film/movie developers who are looking for something unique and powerful for their projects. Because the music manages to suit a variety of genres from almost angelic to explosive, it offers the user a wild combination of forms that will fit just about any mood or tone you want to set. Once again, Dan Foster delivers and regardless of how you choose to use it, SPIRIT LEGION will trigger exactly what you want the listener to experience.


Album available here