ASHES AND DUST – Epicness with passion and strenght

Ashes & Dust


The title says it all. There aren’t enough words to describe the epicness of this album. The powerful themes surrounded by strong epic choir and orchestral performances,
Amazing sound and rich compositions, a must have for trailer addicts!

Using full orchestral pieces that employ drums, epic choirs, and staccato strings, this trailer album, Ashes & Dust, is very powerful and the listener can see why it is used for epic Hollywood-style movie trailers plus intense action scenes that keep you on the edge of your seat.

Trailer music is the background music for film trailers or previews. They are not always from the film’s soundtrack, however. The music is used to complement and integrate the marketing campaigns of the movie. The intent is to drive you to the movies.

Producers may use stock music to plant suggestions in your mind and the music can be from the scores of other movies. You may recognize the underlying musical scores of several different movies in one movie trailer. Often popular or well-known classical music is chosen for trailer music. You might find a popular song playing through the trailer to give the viewer a taste of what to expect in the movie.

Producers have a library of music used in a trailer. Library music for trailers are previously composed production music. often, A trailer music library does not offer their music to the public. The music is licensed exclusively to the motion picture studios for use in their previews. There are trailer music albums, however from Epic Music, Volume I and Brand X Music that can be purchased.

Ashes & Dust album by Dan Foster features the trailer track of Days of creation. This trailer music invokes thought of volcanoes, or maybe raging rivers, or an earthquake. It is intense and brings on a feeling of impending danger. Moment to shine can be used in an epic movie that builds up to a climax and takes you down the other side.

Road to India features musical instruments that symbolize the mysteries of India. If this is used in a foreign film trailer, you will want to travel to India or maybe other regions of the Middle East. Reign of Angels uses an awesome choir, and gives a feeling of anticipation that something good is about to happen.

There is a deep and powerful feeling in Thrust for life that you have heard this musical preview in many different films. It evokes feels of a big budget picture and an adventure just around the corner.

Conception is a stunning and epic piece which slowly builds to and incredible climax of Big epic horns and vocals. It can be easily featured  in a new PS4 commercial, it Makes you  think of Interstellar crossed over with Requiem for a dream.

Justice mission is an awesome epic music that has so much power, passion and strength. The built is well thought for an ultimate finish battle.

This album is excellent, the choral notes are filled of epicness, the themes and melodys are fresh and evocative. one can have it on a constant rotation on cd player at home.

Future trailer music albums are memorable. They makes you want to go to the movies.


Future Trailer Music: Epic and resolute Music

When you sit down to watch a movie, whether it’s on TV or at the cinema, you will no doubt come across the trailers for other movies that are coming on TV or out in the cinema soon. These trailers are usually action packed and go to show you the key parts of the movie that the directors want to try and show off; but if you think about any good trailer out there, the main thing that people tend to remember is the music!

Speaking to friends afterwards about the trailer, if you cannot remember the name you will no doubt be able to remind them of how the trailer music actually went! It’s important, then, to try and remember just how important the audio side of things can be when you are trying to make something really stand out.

The work that goes into creating unique trailer music is completely independent of the movie itself; it’s no something that you just decide to go with or hope for the best on, or even steal from the film. Most of the time, good trailer music will be uniquely composed for that trailer to expose the themes, emotions and energies behind the movie itself.

In a way, trailer music can be used to help set the tone for the thought process on the movie; without audio, it would just be muted scenes that would be hard to gauge.

With the help of some trailer music, though, things become far more engaged! It helps to create that element of hype of power, around any element of the trailer itself. By shining a light on the atmosphere of what is supposed to be conveyed form what you are seeing on the screen, trailer music can be the perfect icing on the cake for any trailer that feels it needs to stand out a little bit more. The composition style from trailer music to normal music is completely different, and tends to be built around a very meticulous style of work that makes every single second count

You might have a main theme song for the movie already, but it shouldn’t double as your trailer music; having a snippet from a song isn’t nearly as powerful as being able to call upon the unique sounds of trailer music. It helps to create a unique style of interaction with the audience that a typical song that is ripped for the trailer simply would not usually be able to attain, not with so much power and ease. Trailer music can be the difference between being remembered and researched by a viewer, or being forgotten about completely.

BUSINESS is based around helping to make sure that trailer music remains one of the standout aspects of any trailers that come out through creating epic music that’s built around capturing the emotions and attention of the audience. When music shines together and really sounds as it should, it can help empower the visuals so much more to create the perfect artistic experience; this is what we look to do with any trailer music that we take on.  explores the exciting and creative process of epic trailer music composing and producing.

we offer original epic music and sound design for motion picture, theatrical trailers, television commercials and video games.