The high impact of movie trailer music

Ever since the turn of the century, the power of trailer music has become more apparent than ever. Cinematic grandeur has become the norm these days rather than the exception, and it shows in the incredibly quality of audio that we see today in trailers and previews for new media.

Trailer music is typically created just for the use in that specific trailer, and will be a significant backdrop that matches the theme and ideal of the media that it is trying to portray.

It’s a massively emotional musical track and can be the perfect way to help push the effect and drama of any release that is coming out. Trailer music becoming more popular has coincided with the growth of social media and online media; with trailers now easily found on YouTube and other similar online media to be shared with ease, getting that distinct sound is very important for companies.

Trailer music helps to sell everything as an overall package, and with trailers being viewed more than ever today it makes it extra important to have a distinctive and unique sound to go with the trailer.

You will find that trailer music is commonly used by many different people – because it’s such a hugely powerful style of music that usually captures something very specific, it’s become something that just about every media production is using.

After all, if you can have some bespoke music that sounds like it’s the perfect fit for whatever it is you are trying to convey, why wouldn’t you want to do that?

Here is a list of just some of the businesses and industries that have been using the immense power of trailer music for quite some time throughout their own advertising and media campaigns in recent years;

Video game developers – being able to create a beat that matches the game can be a hugely powerful way to attract attention

  • TV Shows – When it comes to promoting a TV show, it’s always helpful to have a musical backing track that goes with the setting of the show. Whether it’s a funky comedy or a deep, dark horror it always helps to have the accompanying music bang on
  • Advertisements – Again, a quick advertisement needs to be able to sell quickly; therefore, the music has to be catchy and unique enough to capture the attention of others
  • Sports – This is a huge part of it today; sports has become more prominent in the media than ever and being able to sell the biggest showdown of the season with some dramatic music always helps to get it moving!
  • Movies – Selling a movie with a unique sound and style to it is far easier than selling a movie with just a basic soundtrack to it, right?

Even things like the news and documentaries can use the power of trailer music to get some extra sales and attention. It’s the most powerful way to get people turning up and looking at the TV or taking their eyes away from the article they were reading online – it captures the senses and can be the big promotional tool needed to get those extra views or sales!

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  1. Geaniemarie
    Geaniemarie says:

    I hadn’t realized there were so many different venues for this type of music. Sports programs, the evening news and documentaries . . . you don’t think about it, but almost any kind of video production needs some kind of musical soundtrack. I’m not a movie producer, but do a lot of power point presentations – the trailer music offered on this site would perfect for my presentations. (I was surprised at how affordable it is.) Thanks.

  2. Jerry Notpit
    Jerry Notpit says:

    Anyone that has watched more than a few movies or played more than a couple of video games can recall music that they remember for that movie. Star Wars is one that comes to my mind. You play the music, and instantly I think of the movie.

    So it would seem that anyone wants to make a lasting impact on someone would want to have unique, spine-tingling, attention-grabbing, high impact movie trailer music for their film or a video game.

    If you want that kind of music up comes the ugly head of the problem of where to find the music. Unless someone wants to spend more on the music than what it cost to produce the film or video game I had not found a lot of options. After listening to some of the samples on this site. There is the hope of finding high impact trailer music for a project.

  3. Jen
    Jen says:

    Sports using music for their ads is kind of funny to me sometimes because they get SO dramatic. But it definitely adds a whole new level to things. Jerry — Star Wars is definitely iconic. So is Jaws, Indiana Jones, all of those. Music takes a scene or a moment and transforms it into something else entirely. Love it.

    One of my favorite soundtracks is the Lord of the Rings. It’s dramatic and wonderful and captures each mood so perfectly. I love to listen to it anytime, anywhere…ok that’s not entirely true — but most places, most times lol. I completely adore the different feelings it evokes.

    You’re totally right that music impacts a trailer in so many ways. Good read.

  4. Caitlin
    Caitlin says:

    I believe that the music on a trailer is what truly makes or breaks that particular trailer and even that particular show, movie, etc. As this post says, the music has to have a profound emotional effect. It should make you feel something in accordance with the genre of the final product – fear, joy, sorrow, anger, excitement, etc. Even if you have great visual effects in your trailer, none of that really matters all that much if the trailer music doesn’t affect the audience. The same goes for film scores. You will be hard pressed to forget an epic film score! You want your audience to be able to recognize the music even outside of the movie, show, etc. One example I can think of is Star Wars. When almost anyone hears that most familiar song that plays at the beginning of every Star Wars movie, they know exactly where it is from.

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